Mixing ROCK! 2023

Mixing ROCK! 2023

Impact, punch, grit and power. This is rock and roll and in this course you will learn how to mix huge sounding drums, growling bass and powerful electric guitars along with skull-crushing saturated vocals. How to achieve optimal crest factor that in turn will allow you to push your master to commercial level while maintaining punchy drums and a powerful low end. 
Automation, vocal effects, analog gear and gain staging in one of the most comprehensive mixing courses available.

Justin B.

I've got more of a question than comment. I'm familiar with the song in this course from your Youtube series, and I know it would be good for what I'm wanting. But as you may know I'm a metalhead and pretty much mix, and "produce" mostly Metal/Alt. Metal. And you pretty much know my level of mixing. With that said, I am definitely going to purchase one or more of your courses. So would you recommend this course for me? Or do you think I would better benefit from the Alt. Metal course? Also, do both courses include the multitracks for mixing along? Thanks man!